All is one
All is one

Therapy and Supervision

There are spaces for individual and group therapy from a non dual perspective. The focus of attention is on the revealing of our true nature beyond the illusion of ego and the individual self.

This can also take the form of spiritual mentoring for those who are interested in this type of dialogue and self enquiry.


                Non dual therapy supervision days

              March 22nd 2018


 These supervision days are designed for anyone in the field of therapy, counselling or meditation/mindfulness teaching who is interested in a non dual approach to their work.

 In the group there will be space for  understanding and practice of the non dual in the field of therapy. This will take the form of practice, discussion and supervision.

Being in the group and opening to the unity of a group experience will be part of this learning.



Venue: Clifton, Bristol  

Cost: £50: Concessions will be available.

Applications to :

There are 10 spaces available.

CPD hours accredited and supervision/training hours for transactional analysis trainees.